The Report section allows to generate HTML reports including WebGL 3D models. The report comprises general information about the flight, and the images, the results and a Google Maps view of the survey location.

It can be selected if the Orthomosaic and the Digital Surface Model can be downloaded.

The maximum resolution of the WebGL 3D Model is 2500*2500 pixel. The Orthomosaic can have three times that resolution. These settings however will result in quite large 3D models, which might take long to download and which require capable hardware to view. Hence, we recommend to test the default settings first before trying finer resolutions. Browser compatibility for displaying WebGL 3D models can be checked at

An example report can be found at

3D Models can be generated from any map derived from the Orthomosaic. However, the images should not be resized.

NDVI map from a 3D WebGL model. Data courtosy of [G2Way](
Figure 1.10-1: NDVI map from a 3D WebGL model. Data courtosy of [G2Way](

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