Analyze Pitch and Roll

This option helps to check image quality if georeferencing is based on an Ardupilot dataflash log file.

The horizontal lines above the images in the gallery indicate the roll angle whereas the vertical lines on the left side indicate the pitch angle.

Analysis of pitch and roll angles in Mavis
Figure 1.5.4-1: Analysis of pitch and roll angles in Mavis

Blue means low angles, red indicates steep angles. Green and orange are in-between. Purple indicates tilt angles > 9°.

Picht and roll classification
Figure 1.5.4-2: Picht and roll classification

This helps you to detect images you might want to remove from your dataset. Even if you are using a stabilized NADIR gimbal a strong pitch and roll might point to problems – depending on the gimbal setup.

If you want to remove an image you can select it and delete it from the gallery. Deleted images are stored in /Mavis/Deleted/ and are not used for any further processing.

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