Using Mavis


Mavis is designed to provide a straightforward user interface.

The general GUI workflow in Mavis is top-down – left-right and organized in tabs. Double-clicking an image in the Gallery opens it in the View.

A double-right-click opens the containing folder.

All maps and results are stored in /Mavis/Results/.

Mavis after selecting a workspace with > 25 images.
Figure 1.5-1: Mavis after selecting a workspace with > 25 images.


Files and Folders

It is strongly recommended not to open any folder or file in the workspace while any process is running.

Please note that many folders and files will be generated in the workspace. Do not delete or move them until the entire processing is finished.

It is mandatory to make backups of your imagery data as well as the associated .log files before processing the images in Mavis.

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