Image Processing

Depending on the camera settings some images of one flight might have be taken in landscape orientation while others were taken in portrait orientation. To avoid problems in image matching it is recommended to set all images to landscape mode.

Images can be resized and the color can be manipulated. 50% isrecommended for fast processing times. Color manipulation should only be applied if there are severe exposure problems.

The original fullsize images are copied to /Mavis/FullSize/. Resizing to 100% copies the fullsizes images back to the workspace.

In cases where the resulting mosaic or DSM would exceed the maximum .tif file size or the GUI image handling capacities of Mavis, Mavis will show a warning and certain options will be disabled. In such cases it is recommended to resize to images.

All preprocessing steps can be re-run if required. This includes image resizing.

Preprocessing in Mavis
Figure 1.5.2-1: Preprocessing in Mavis

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